Covid-19 Loans and Information

Covid-19 Loans and Info

During Covid-19, Can You Still Get a Loan?

Covid-19 LoansYes, we will be providing helpful information about Covid-19 and providing Covid-19 loans that are now available, as well as, helpful Covid-19 information. If you read, understand the information provide, you will be much much healthier, happier and safer, not to mention financially prepared.

Do You Want to Help Prevent Another Economic Shutdown?

If you want to help prevent another economic shutdown, save 33,000 lives and protect yourself. Then wear a face mask, doctors say. That’s right, if everyone wore a face mask as outlined by the CDC, that in itself prevent another economic shutdown as well as save 33,000 lives and protect those not yet infected from becoming infected.

Does Wearing a Face Mask Protect Me From Covid-19?

While wearing a face mask during the Coronavirus Pandemic will provide a nominal amount of protection against catching Covid-19, it’s real value is in protecting others in the case you have already contracted the virus and are A-Symptomatic. In those cases, you can prevent yourself from spreading the virus to others by more then 90% by keeping your contagious droplets from departing your mouth and nose any further then the mask you are wearing.

Yes, that is exactly correct; A facemask does not protect you nearly as much as it stops the spread of the virus and protects you from spreading the virus to others.

What will keep me from Catching Covid-19 Coronavirus?

There are two major factors that protect someone from catching the virus.
1) Stay away from others by either staying at home or staying 6′ apart from others while in public.
2) Wash your hands frequently, especially after coming in contact with others, surfaces or objects while outside your home.

Can I Get A Loan While on Furlough from My Job

Yes, you can get a loan while on furlough from your job. However, if you have been laid off or let go completely from your job then unfortunately we cannot provide you with a loan. The lender must be assured that you have and/or will have an income to repay the loan. Otherwise, more loans will go into default and lenders will be forced to raise the already high cost of Covid-19 loans (due to current default rates) or stop lending entirely until the pandemic is over. Those options are worst case and would help no one.

Can I get a Covid-19 Loan Near Me?

Yes, CashAdvances.Loans is a subsidiary of AtoZ Financials which also owns “local lending websites near you” like and “1 Hour Loans” through websites like