Borrow From Family

How Do I Ask a Friend or Family Member to Borrow Quick Money in an Emergency?

Borrow From FamilySummon all your courage, be prepared to grovel and feel bad, and then ask. It won’t be easy or fun. So why do it? Why let friends or family know that you’re struggling this week? It puts both of you in a very difficult position that can ultimately cause permanent damage to the relationship. Give us just a few minutes of your time, and we’ll give you a better, risk-free option for getting cash.

Why No One Should Ask Friends or Family for Quick Money

Yes, your friends and your family members care about you. They want the best for you. And they’re generally willing to help you in a time of need. But asking them for quick money is a dicey proposition. The reason it’s so hard to do is that it’s not the best solution to money issues. Here are just a few reasons you want to avoid this situation at all costs:

  • You will feel guilty and embarrassed. No matter how kind your friends or family are in response to your request, you will feel bad.
  • The embarrassment and shame will be even greater if it take you longer to repay them than you had planned.
  • Just trying to get up the courage to ask is stressful and anxiety-inducing.
  • Despite their assurances, they will judge you. Don’t try buying a fancy coffee drink while you owe someone money.
  • If they don’t charge interest, you’re still paying in bad feelings, embarrassment and judgment.
  • Everyone will know your business and your finances if you have to ask someone close to you for cash.
  • Ultimately, friendships and even family relationships have been ruined over situations like these.

Is it Really Worth it to Ask Family for Quick Money When There’s a Better Option?

Of course not. What you need is not a lender who is a friend, but a professional lender. We work with the best, most reliable and trustworthy lenders who do this for a living. There is no judgement here, just a professional, business transaction. All you need is five minutes and access to the internet. Take a few minutes to apply for a loan and get access to a great lender. Approval is simple and you truly will get quick money with no shame.

Quick Cash Advance

Can Lenders Really Provide Quick Money? Yes, They Can and Here’s How!

One of the reasons you may be tempted to turn to family or friends is that they may be able to give you quick money, as in within minutes. Our online lenders can provide cash pretty fast too, so don’t assume that a loan will be too slow for your needs. Once you apply online you’ll get an answer in minutes and your lender will transfer cash to your bank account almost immediately. Count on having that money by the next business morning.

You work hard to keep up your friendships and family relationships. They respect you and care about you. Instead of ruining all that by asking for money, try this easier, fast, and totally private option. Quick money through online lenders is simple and risk-free.